International Council of Associations for Science Education

World Conference

ICASE Position Paper: World Conference on Science and Technology Education


The World Conference on Science and Technology Education is a high profile, high quality, premier event for ICASE to showcase the rich diversity of science and technology education in schools, university education faculties, in pre-school groups and in non-formal agencies world-wide. It provides opportunities for practitioners and other interested groups to collect and share experiences, skills and knowledge within a networked community. It enables this community of delegates to meet in good spirit and harmony.

Operation and procedures

The Conference will occur approximately every three years and be associated with the ICASE General Assembly and Executive meetings and elections. The community of delegates will use time within discussion groups to develop a Conference Declaration on future directions in science and technology education and the environment and policy recommendations for ICASE and others interested in STE.

The conference will be for teachers of science in early childhood, primary and secondary schools, science educators in universities and external or non-formal agencies, scientists, curriculum and policy developers, school administrators, science education associations, student groups and laboratory technicians.

A wonderful social program of events will be provided throughout the conference along with pre- or post-conference tours. The Conference Dinner will be held early in the Conference so that participants can get to know each other. A highlight of the Conference will be the Chisman Oration and reception.

An evaluation will be conducted to provide feedback regarding highlights of the conference, what participants felt they had learned at the conference, what the participants were still thinking about and improvements that could be made. This information is passed on to the organising committee for the next World Conference.

The next World Conference will be open for Expressions of Interest and voted on by ICASE Executive at least 8 months before the current World Conference, so that the future Convenors can present information at the current Conference. For each conference ICASE will form a partnership with a host organization on the ground in the country of the conference.

The World Conference will be budgeted and financed separately from other ICASE accounts, audited and have its own website.

It is hoped that holding the World Conference regularly will not diminish in any way the level of ICASE activities at the Regional level.


The aims of a World Conference on Science and Technology Education are:

(i) promoting the exchange of ideas, professional development of teachers of science and science educators, maximising participation and engagement in science and technology and its education, developing partnerships and networks and contributing to life long learning;
(ii) sharing latest science and technology, teaching strategies, concepts, and thinking, curriculum, policies, education systems, materials, resources, teacher training practices, assessment and evaluation strategies
(iii) use of innovative activities, workshops, Keynotes and other presentations, field trips, delegate led discussions, multi-media sessions;
(iv) use of methods of exchange to maximize input, sharing, and continued communication in science education between delegates and others worldwide;
(v) promoting social values, the values of science and responsible decision making alongside science conceptual and skills development;
(vi) co-construction of a Conference Declaration for the future directions of science and technology education and promotion of science education and the environment;