International Council of Associations for Science Education



 ICASE Constitution

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ICASE Strategic Plan

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ICASE World Conference Declarations
WorldSTE2013, Kuching Malaysia (English version)
WorldSTE2013, Kuching Malaysia (Spanish version)

WorldSTE2010, Tartu Estonia
Tartu Declaration (English version)  
Tartu Declaration (Portuguese version)

WorldSTE2007, Perth Australia
The Perth Declaration  (English version)

WorldSTE2003, Penang, Malaysia
The Way Forward

ICASE Strategic Priorities are to enhance and support the quality of science and technology education for all; provide and support science and technology education opportunities that enhance formal and non-formal educational experiences internationally; promote, facilitate and support collaboration between all members and their affiliated organizations throughout the world; and encourage and support the establishment and development of professional educational organizations focusing on science and technology related initiatives on a global scale.

A group of ICASE Executive Committee Members during International Seminar in Bangkok - December 2012